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ACG Stone Imports Delivers the Highest Quality Gemstones and Crystals at the
Best Price

ACG Stone Imports offers an amazing selection of Amethyst Geodes, Crystals, Mineral Specimens, Decorative Stones and Natural Art. We carefully select each item for its quality and natural beauty. Whether you are a collector, a home decorator, a believer in the power of crystals or just an appreciator of the beauty of nature, you will find something to treasure at ACG Stone Imports..


Throughout History, Healers and Collectors Have Appreciated The Beauty and Power of Natural Stones and Crystals

Amethyst Geodes and Clusters
Amethyst is known as power crystal that pacifies and purifies. Many healers use it to relieve headaches, overcome fears and cravings, guard against guilt and fear, heal the heart and the lungs (blood and breathing problems), strengthen the pancreas, and increase positive feelings during meditation. Place or wear amethyst in skin contact with the part of the body you want to heal.

Agate Geodes, Slices, and Slabs
Agate is said to improve memory, concentration, focus, and perception. It is also believed to increase stamina, physical speed, and courage and protect against danger. Many healers use agate to strengthen the lungs, the blood vessels, and the lymphatic system, as well as to improve digestion and help the body fight off toxins, infections, colds, and the flu.

Metaphysically, a sphere’s round shape is thought to radiate energy in a 360-degree area. For this reason, a sphere can enhance the energy of an entire room. Simply choose the stone that emanates the type of energy you desire.

Shamans use obelisks to direct healing energy through their pyramid points. Put an amethyst obelisk under your pillow to alleviate insomnia or evoke peaceful dreams. For a headache, try rubbing the obelisk across your forehead for relief. You can similarly use obelisks of other stones that have energies specific to your needs.

Quartz Crystals and Crystal Clusters
A quartz crystal is believed to amplify your prayers and affirmations and has the ability to increase, store, and transform energy. It is the most powerful and versatile healing stone, called the “poor man’s diamond.” It is said that clear quartz crystals will open your crown chakra. They also promote healing by causing natural crystals in bodily tissues to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Mineral Specimens
We feature many types of mineral specimens in their natural state, which are sure to please both serious collectors and amateur rock hounds.

According to an Egyptian legend, when tourmalines traveled up from the center of the earth, they passed over a rainbow and took on its many colors. Tourmaline naturally occurs in every imaginable hue: blue or indicolite, pink, red or rubellite, green, black or schorl, watermelon (green outside, then white, and pink inside), and tourmalated quartz. Some tourmalines change color in daylight versus artificial light. Others have the reflective quality of a cat’s eye.

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